The Various AccorHotels’ Brands for Your Accommodation

The accor hotels is a French hotel group that highly recommended for you to choose especially if you want to make your vacation or business trip become wonderfully perfect. The reason why you have to choose this particular hotel group is because it will definitely offer you various kinds of hotel brands that you can select in order to fit your needs in the best way possible. Then, in order to find out what the hotel brands are and which one of them that can be your perfect accommodation, you better keep reading below.

  • The economy brands

The economy brands have been reinvented and announced as “the Ibis Family” in August 2012. This brand is complemented with three brands which are Ibis (features 1,047 hotels in 61 countries), Ibis Style (features 293 hotels in 25 countries), and Ibis Budget (features 541 hotels in 17 countries). All of those hotels will be offering you the SweetBed feature and Ibis Kitchen restaurant. Moreover, there is the other economy hotel brand of the hotel group called Hotel F1. This hotel brand, which is features 238 budget hotels in France, can offer you a comfortable guestroom with a wash corner and also the shared shower and bathroom on its every floor.

  • The midscale brands

You can also find great Accor’s midscale hotel brands for your accommodation. First of all, there is Mercure that is internationally known so well as the largest midscale hotel brands belonged to Accor. This particular hotel features 732 hotels and resorts in 55 countries. Second, there is Novotel that has been a chain of 414 full service hotels and resorts you can find in 61 countries. Then, another midscale brand is Suite Novotel that features 31 all-suite hotels in 10 countries. Lastly, Adagio hotel brand can offer you 96 apartments in 11 countries. This option will be so suitable for you who will stay for a medium or long period of time.

  • The upscale brands

There is the Grand Mercure which represents 15 hotels and apartment hotels in 8 countries. This brand will be offering you the full service hotels and resorts. Furthermore, you can also choose Grand Mercure Apartment, which features 15 apartments in 4 countries, as it offers kitchen and launderette facilities. Then, there is Mei Jue is the Chinese version of Grand Mercure that offers 15 upscale hotels to all travelers in China. Next, Mama Shelter represents 6 boutique hotels in Lyon, Bordeaux, Paris, Marseille, Istanbul, and Los Angeles.