The Ultimate Business Travel Guide For 2016

With mobile access a must for today’s business tycoon, moving around is no longer that incognito experience, where all communication must wait until you get an Internet connection. Wi-Fi and broadband developments have enabled us to access the World Wide Web at all times, which means the sharp business player stays on top. Here are a few tips to ensure you arrive at that important meeting, relaxed and refreshed, confident that you are well prepared.

Pack the essentials

The modern entrepreneur doesn’t exceed baggage limits, so if it is a short trip, go easy on the clothing. It doesn’t pay to take a choice of evening dress, as you will only end up wearing one outfit, so try to find out the type of establishment you are likely to encounter during the trip. As a guest, it would be bad to under-dress, so politely ask about attire, and your host will gladly provide the information. Here is an interesting article on being prepared for overseas business, with detailed information on how to orientate oneself for a foreign business meeting.

Device care

Your smartphone is essential, so make sure you take a spare device, and if you saved all your data to the SIM, simply insert it into the spare cell-phone, and you can continue your business activities with no disruption. Make sure you have an adapter for the electricity plugs they use in the destination country, as you will rely on phone charging. Take a power bank, for charging on the move, and always protect your tablet or laptop by using the bags provided, as they are designed to protect the items correctly in transit.


Consider international smartphone roaming charges, as with no prior arrangement, your phone might automatically search for, and use, exterior providers, which could be very costly. Airline tickets can be purchased as soon as appointment confirmation is made, which will save you a small amount on flights. If your host is taking care of your hotel accommodation, all is well, but if you need to organise this yourself, there are bargain hotels in most European cities that can provide you with the right accommodation for your stay.

Do your research

Visiting a foreign country has always demanded a degree of research, and even more so when business is involved. One must make a good impression, so some basic knowledge of local customs and traditions is a must, as we would not want to offend our host. Online searches will give you all the information you need on customs, traditions, what to wear, and what gifts to buy, enabling you to make the right impression.

Smart business travel

Today’s high flying executive demands more from the travel experience, and here is an excellent website that highlights the important points that ensure you are both well-prepared and refreshed before going into the business meeting.

First impressions count in business, and by arriving looking calm and relaxed, you are well on the way to clinching that vital contract.