Last Minute Deals for Overseas Flights

One of my co-workers has grown ill and now I am going to be flying to Europe in order to take his place at an event in the near future. I do not have much time to book a flight and it is kind of making me nervous. My boss is going to be really upset if I am not able to make it there. I am checking out bookitbusiness – cheap last minute business class deals and I really hope that I can find a decent price on a flight across the sea. I am actually worried about just being able to get a ticket period and so that is kind of my top priority.

If it is expensive, then that is something that I can’t control. After all, this is really last minute and a lot of the times these flights fill up. I am going to knock on wood and hope I am able to find a flight because if I can’t, then I am not sure what I will do. My boss has made it pretty clear that someone from our company needs to be a representative at this event because it is a good chance for us to get some new clients and also to branch out and expand our business overseas. We have wanted to do just that for a few years now, but it has kind of been slow and so this is a big opportunity for us.

I wish that I had been selected to go all along, because that would be a lot better than having this dropped on me last minute. I need to prepare some materials to use at the event as well, and so I need to get working on that. Maybe my co-worker has some materials already prepared that I can borrow.