eTA or Electronic Travel Authorisation

Electronic travel authorisation is what a person needs while travelling without Visa to fly to or transit through Canada. There are exceptions for certain people of Canada and US but for the rest immigrants travelling without visa eTA is a must. The authorization of eTA is electronically linked to the passport and is valid for five years or until the passport expires. The citizens from countries other than the U.S.who do not need a visa to enter Canada will surely need to obtain an eTA before flying to Canada. The travellers entering Canada by land or sea do not need an eTA. The application process for an eTA is a very simple. It is an online process that needs the valid passport of the traveller, a credit card for the payment and the travellers email address to fill up the form. The cost of eTA is not very high. It is beneficial to get the eTA as soon as one plan to trip to visit or transit through Canada. But if one need eTA at the last moment then that too can be done as applying for an eTA is a very simple online process. The applicants usually get an email conformation within few minutes of application. The eTA is electronically linked to the passport, so no other document or printout is required. One has to be sure that the person carries the same passport with which the eTA was applied.

Travelling to Canada is important for several people for various reasons. Amongst them number of students travellers is high in Canada for persuasion of higher studies. Canada in recent times has grown up to be one of the most important centres for higher education. Thus the numbers of immigrants are high. People who want to travel to Canada must visit the sites of eTA authorisation Canada for any queries regarding the visa services Canada. One can apply for the eTA through apply eTA online. This is the simple process of trouble free travel to Canada.

Canada apart from being an educational hub is also a very beautiful place to travel. Cities like Montreal, Toronto, Quebec are centres of tourist’s attraction. The whistler, Canadian Rockies, Niagara falls are other important places that attract the travellers. Vancouver has been named as the best place to live in the world for more than a few times now. Mount Logan the highest mountain in Canada is found in Yukon and is famous for being the treasure trove of pristine and magnificent nature. Canadian wilderness can be best found in Ontario. All these make Canada the most coveted spot on earth for a traveller to travel.

Thus one has several reasons to visit Canada and the visa services Canada is providing apply eTA online which is an aid to travel. eTA authorisation is very important if one needs to travel to Canada or transit through it. So Canada welcomes the people having the eTA along with a valid passport.